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Dry Shampoo Liquid & Waterless Body Washing Products

Please look through the amazing range of WATERLESS bathing, personal hygiene and sanitising products. You will find WATERLESS shampoos (dry shampoo liquid), conditioners, body washes,  and shampoo caps; that will allow you to get clean and fresh without using water! There are also the best smelling alcohol free hand sanitisers to kill germs.

When bathing is difficult or there is no water - here are just some of the uses for these products:

  • Festival Goers, Campers, Hikers, Survivalists, Expeditions
  • Mobile Hairdressers
  • Sport - Cyclists, Gym Members, Runners
  • Care Workers, Nursing Homes, Elderly & Infirm
  • Disabled, ME, MS, Alzheimers, Dementia
  • There's even a waterless Dog shampoo & more...

HOW do the products work?

Take the shampoo for example, you simply apply the liquid directly to your scalp, massage to a lift oil and grease, then whilst soapy and wet, remove with a towel - so the towelling action is a very important part of the process. Do the products really work? You bet they do or your money back.

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